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Stainless Steel Chef's Truffle Slicer - Curved handle (Waved blade)

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Waved blade - Model 1711

Serrated stainless steel truffle slicer expertly crafted in Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio, using the highest quality materials and construction. A strong and precise instrument with a razor sharp Inox stainless steel blade. The adjusting screw allows for consistently perfect slices of fresh truffle (thickness from 0,2 - 3mm) with no waste.

Blade type is personal choice, both styles are perfect for shaving and slicing truffle.

Always clean and dry well after use. Good care will ensure your truffle slicer lasts longer. 

How to use?

Rest the slicer base on a flat surface and hold the handle securely. To shave a truffle, carefully slide the truffle down the paddle and over the blade. The slicer can also be used to thinly shave garlic, vegetables, cheese and chocolate. 

Please take caution when using as blade is very sharp. The serrated edge is slightly sharper than the straight edge.